[Taken from the AVCS Operations Manual dated 8-7-17]

3.5  Cell Phone, Translator, and Electronic Policy

  • Cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, headphones, or other such devices are prohibited during school hours.  These devices must remain out of sight for the duration of the school day including lunch, break, and passing periods.  Any cell phone, tablet, iPod, iPad, headphones, etc. that is not out of sight will be taken and held in the front office and demerits will be assigned.
  • Laptops are permitted for approved academic purposes only.
  • Only approved translators that do not have Internet or Wi-Fi capabilities are acceptable during school hours and must be pre-approved by the front office.

The approved translator is:

The ECTACO Partner 500AL PRO.  This is multilingual and will meet the needs of all our international students.  The 500AL PRO is $179. They can be purchased from this site:

http://www.ectaco.com/500AL+pro or by calling 1-347-770-2047

  • We strongly urge parents to require their students to leave all other electronic devices, including headphones, at home.  If these devices are on campus they must be safely put away in a backpack, bag or locker.  If visible at any time, they will be taken and held in the front office.
  • Parents needing to contact students may do so through the school office or expect texts and phone calls to be returned after school.

Occasionally circumstances arise where the contents of pictures or messages may be in question on students’ electronic devices.  We reserve the right to view the contents of such electronic devices when these circumstances arise.

Please refer to the middle school and high school Demerit System for the consequences of having these items taken during school hours.