Under the AVCS Demerit System, demerits are given for disciplinary infractions. The following demerit totals will lead to the associated disciplinary action being taken.[1]

Please note:

  • 25 Demerits = Referral sent home informing parent that the student has received 25 demerits for the semester; if 25 more are received then the student will be suspended for 1 day with no credit for any work or tests not turned in.
  • 50 Demerits = 1 day suspension with no credit for work or tests not turned in or taken on that day.
  • 75 Demerits = 3 days suspension with no credit for work or tests not turned in or taken on that day.
  • 100 Demerits = Expulsion

Simple (5 Demerit) Offenses:

The following “simple” offenses are actions that can be dealt with at a teacher or proctor level. The offense should be noted on the “Simple Offense Demerit Form” and then given to the appropriate lead proctor by the end of the day. The lead proctor will then enter the offense(s) and demerits into RenWeb once per day.

For the following Simple Offenses, the student is given 5 demerits each, unless otherwise noted.

  • Chewing gum on campus
  • Eating in classrooms
  • Eating in the hallways
  • Using a cell phone while on campus
  • Not speaking English while on campus
  • Any unexcused tardy from a class[2]
  • Being found to be out of dress code[3]
  • Any unexcused absence from a class (other than because of a dress code violation = 10 demerits)[4]
  • Being asked to leave a class for any reason[5] = 10 demerits
  • Public Display of Affection (PDA) = 10 demerits
  • Using profanity = 10 demerits

Complex (Higher Demerit) Offenses:

The following “complex” offenses are actions which will require administrative review and will lead to a greater number of demerits than a “simple offense.” These actions are considered to be extremely serious actions and will, in most cases, lead to immediate suspension and a minimum of 50 demerits.

These Complex Offenses could be (but are not limited to):

  • Cheating on any homework assignment, report, project or test[6]
  • Ghostwriting[7]
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking
  • Possession or use of drugs
  • Reckless driving on or near campus
  • Vandalism or theft
  • Verbal assaults
  • Sexual assaults (non-consensual sexual encounters or verbal sexual assaults, including sexual innuendos)
  • Physical assaults
  • Consensual sexual encounters

Other infractions not listed, but considered to be of a serious nature

[1]   Note: 25 demerits will be removed from each student’s demerit total at the beginning of each new semester (for simple offenses only).

[2] The following are approved reasons for being tardy to a class:

  • Parent note provided and signed with date, time and reason for tardiness
  • Teacher note provided and signed with date, time and reason for tardiness

[3] If a student is out of dress code, then they will be removed from class and detained by proctors until they are in compliance with dress code. If this means they miss the rest of the class period then an additional 5 demerits will be given for an unexcused absence from class. An additional 5 demerits will then be awarded for every additional class missed that day until the student is within dress code once again. Therefore, a student who is found to be out of dress code during 1st period who does not find a way to correct their deficiency risks missing 7 classes that day and earning a total of 40 demerits for the day. AVCS will NOT provide clothing for a student free of charge. AVCS will, however, allow the student to purchase approved clothing from the “Spirit Store” in order to become dress code compliant again. This option is only available if a student’s parents, guardians or host family are unable to bring them new clothes in a timely manner.

[4]   With the exception of missing a class while serving a suspension

[5]   This will be at the discretion of the teacher and within the teacher / classroom policy portion of our Parent-Student Handbook. This could be for: excessive talking with friends, sleeping in the classroom, not following teacher instructions or giving disrespectful responses to the teacher. In this case, the teacher will call the front desk and ask for a lead proctor to come to the teacher’s classroom to remove the student for the teacher. The lead proctor will then detain the student for the duration of the period and enter the demerits into the student’s file in RenWeb.

[6] This includes using phones, small pieces of paper, plagiarism, and any other form of cheating.

[7] Another form of cheating