Generally, simple offenses (outlined below) are handled by the classroom teacher or playground proctor according to a prescribed plan approved by the Elementary Principal.  The following guidelines may be employed when considering a consequence:

  • A student may be excused from a group activity.
  • A student may be restricted from an activity or privilege.
  • A student may lose a recess time.
  • A student may be required to complete a task (i.e. pick up trash, clean)
  • A student may be ‘timed out’ to another classroom or hallway.

If behavior continues beyond this process, the student will be sent to the Elementary Principal.  On complex offenses (outlined below) or actions of a violent or aggressive nature, the process may be skipped and the Elementary Principal called to remove the student immediately.  When a student is referred, the following guidelines will apply:

  • The student will receive 10 demerits in additional to an appropriate consequence. Parents will be notified by the Elementary Principal to explain why their child was referred, the number of demerits earned and the disciplinary action given.
  • Students who earn 50 demerits per semester will be suspended for one day.
  • Students who earn 75 or more demerits per semester will receive a 3-day suspension.
  • Students who earn 100 demerits per semester will be expelled.

Simple offenses will include, but not be limited to:

  • Getting out of seat without permission
  • Talking without permission
  • Bringing/playing with toys from home
  • Not paying attention – fooling around
  • Not following directions
  • Not keeping hands, feet, objects to themselves
  • Distracting a classmate
  • Disrupting the classroom
  • Running in the halls
  • Screaming or yelling
  • Arguing or talking back to teacher/proctor
  • Lying
  • Foul language
  • Tampering with, destroying or stealing another’s food
  • Rough playing

Complex offenses will include, but not be limited to:

  • Extreme or violent outbursts in class/chapel/lunch/recess
  • Willful pre-planned cheating
  • Physical assault
  • Inappropriate behavior in the bathrooms
  • Bullying or name calling
  • Destroying school property