Homework Policy – In compliance with a Classical Christian approach, AVCS chooses to move away from time-driven mandatory assignments.  Homework may be sent home for remedial purposes or if a student has not completed assigned classwork.  Students should be encouraged to take responsibility for studying for tests, memorizing their verses or completing projects on their own, when necessary.

Parent Communication – Teachers are to write out and submit their plan to communicate weekly to parents.  They will utilize email and/or hard copies to transmit information and will include upcoming classroom and school wide event reminders along with spelling words, memory verses or study guides for upcoming tests.

Mid-Quarter Progress Reports – Grading is more subjective and sporadic in Elementary but a mid-quarter progress report should be sent out through RenWeb.  Any problem areas can be noted and plans made by scheduling conferences.

Parent Conferences – Parent Conferences are scheduled and parents are to sign up through the front office.  Every attempt should be made to accommodate parents who cannot make pre-set times.  If a parent fails to schedule a conference, teachers should make every effort to reach the parent directly.


Late Work Policy – In high school courses, late work is not accepted for credit.* In middle school courses, late work is accepted one day late for a maximum of 50% credit, and no credit after that.* Any assignment turned in late will be given zero points but will not be listed as a missing assignment.

*The only way to gain points for a late assignment is to serve an academic detention, and the assignment will be accepted for a maximum of 50% credit.

Academic DetentionStudents with three or more missing assignments must serve an academic detention. The Secondary Principal and Director of Education will review student grades every Monday. If a student is found to have three or more missing assignments total (not per class), he/she will be notified and the parents will be contacted that day. Students will serve their detention Wednesday mornings at 7:00 am. Students must each pay a $5 fee to compensate the overseeing teacher. Work completed during academic detention will be accepted for a maximum of 50% credit. If all missing assignments are completed at home prior to the Wednesday morning detention, the student will still have to pay the $5 fee and work on other homework during the detention hour.

Bi-Weekly Progress Reports Sent to ParentsThe Secondary Principal will send out bi-weekly progress reports to the parents of all secondary students. Teachers are expected to have their grades current in RenWeb by Monday morning so that these progress reports are accurate.

Teacher to Parent Communication in SecondaryOn the first day of school, homeroom teachers will send home the “Parent Contact” form, one for each student. Students are required to bring it back at the set date. The information collected from this form will be made public to the teachers to use as the best way to contact parents throughout  the school year. The form will also explain that each class syllabus is posted on RenWeb and can be accessed at any time of the school year.

Writing Rubric TemplateAll essays on the secondary level are to be graded using a template rubric. One template will be used in middle school, and a second will be used in high school. Each essay will be returned to students with a filled out rubric to give students constructive criticism to promote growth in writing skills.