One necessity of life is control.  Every area of life needs controls.  The Christian life is one of control…not merely self-control, but spirit-control.  Students whose attitudes and conduct, either on or off campus, are deemed undesirable and opposed to the basic philosophy, goals, and objectives of AVCS will not be allowed to continue at Apple Valley Christian School.

Please read this document carefully.  At the beginning of each school year, each student will be presented with this document in class or chapel.  The document will be discussed and the students will initial and sign it.  All parents must read, agree to enforce, and sign this document where indicated below.  When signed by you, it becomes a legally binding contract.

Student to initial to show your agreement and pledge beside each statement:

I understand that APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is an Evangelical, Christian School where Bible courses are part of the curriculum and Christian thought is discussed and applied in all classes.  I agree to be open to learning about the Bible and the truth of God’s word.
I understand that APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is a fully accredited, academic school and that I am required to pass all courses while enrolled, which includes completing and turning in all homework assignments, projects and tests on or before the required due date.
I acknowledge that APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL students are from many countries and I agree that regardless of my preferred language, I will speak English only while on campus.
I will treat every student, regardless of their country, culture, or religious affiliation with respect and kindness, recognizing we are all, first and foremost, citizens of APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.
I understand that good grades require daily school attendance.  I will strive to be on time to all classes.  I understand that demerits will be assigned for unexcused tardies and absences in accordance with the Demerit System.
I agree to honor the standards, rules, and policies of APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  I will use my influence to protect its good name, its building, property, and equipment.
I will, regardless of my religious affiliation or lack thereof, maintain high Christian principles, both on and off campus, while enrolled at APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. This means that:

  • I will cooperate fully and respectfully with teachers, parents, and others in authority.
  • I will strive for excellence in all areas and maintain absolute moral standards.
  • I will abstain from the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs.
  • I will refrain from profanity, swearing, or vulgar expressions of speech.
  • I will refrain from public displays of affection and all sexual activity.
  • I will refrain from television, movies, and music that emphasize immorality, the drug culture, and/or rebellion against authority.
  • I will abstain from gossip, grumbling, and complaining.
  • I will adhere to the dress code policy on campus and at all school events and dress modestly at all times.
  • I will strive to regularly attend a church or a youth group meeting.
I understand that in order to participate in school sports and activities, I am required to adhere to this pledge in its entirety. I will be responsible to arrive at school on time and attend my entire schedule of school classes on all days with scheduled activities or practices.
I understand that my acceptance and continued enrollment at APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is based upon my agreement and compliance to this pledge, maintaining a 2.5 GPA with no failing grades and with no cheating or plagiarizing, and remaining below the demerit limits.
I willingly state that I want to attend APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and have not been made to do so against my will.
I understand that breaking any part of this pledge could result in my being asked to withdraw or be expelled from APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.

STUDENT SIGNATURE:                                                                            DATE:                                       

I (we), as parent(s)/guardian(s) of the above-named student, agree to support Apple Valley Christian School in the enforcement of this pledge, and agree to withdraw our student if recommended by AVCS administration.

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:                                                      DATE:                                       

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:                                                      DATE: