These forms and documents are in your enrollment packet.  They MUST be completed and turned into the office PRIOR to your child attending Apple Valley Christian Preschool.

Enrollment Packet Documentation:

  • Emergency form
  • Contract (signed)
  • Family History
  • LIC 700:  Identification and Emergency Information
  • LIC 702:  Child’s Preadmission Health History – Parent’s Report
  • Discipline Agreement
  • LIC 613A:  Acknowledgement of Personal Rights
  • LIC 995:  Acknowledgement of Notification of Parent’s Rights
  • LIC 627:  Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • LIC701:  Physician’s Report (Child’s pre-admission health evaluation)
    (You have two weeks to complete and return this form)

Parent-Provided Documentation:

  • Current Immunization Records (to include TB clearance with negative reading)
  • Custody paperwork showing guardianship (if applicable)

Important items required specifically for the child – to remain at school:

  • Change of clothes (labeled with child’s name)
  • Fitted crib size sheet for naptime (labeled with child’s name)
  • Blanket for nap time (labeled with child’s name)
  • Disaster Preparedness Kit (labeled with child’s name)
  • Please label all jackets and sweaters that your child wears to school